Prostitution in Lahore

Escorts in Lahore

Prostitution in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan is increasing day by day due to various social, economic, and moral reasons. It has been found out that due to poor economic conditions of the people and lack of social tolerance they indulge in prostitution to earn a few dollars on the side. Many women, especially educated women are into prostitution to get financial freedom.

The main problem of prostitution in Pakistan comes from different aspects. Firstly, it is the government that is to be blamed for the increasing prostitution in Pakistan. The poor economic condition of the people in Pakistan and lack of education, jobs, and opportunities has forced them into prostitution. Secondly, the local people in different areas of Pakistan are also culprits because they tolerate prostitution and human trafficking.

There have been increasing reports of different incidents of prostitution in Lahore. The first report of this issue was in 1996 when the police arrested two men on charges of broaching with a prostitute in a shopping mall. In the year 1997 another police department arrested three men on charges of prostituting themselves in a hotel in Lahore. These are only some of the instances where prostitution in Lahore has been reported.

Prostitution in Pakistan has reached epidemic proportions. It has affected all levels of society from the poor rural workers to the middle-class urban professionals. There has been a total breakdown of the moral values of Pakistan, both for the men and women. Some journalists who have lived in Pakistan have criticized the prostitution in Pakistan saying it adds more trash to the already polluted environment of Pakistan.

There are many newspapers, who have published stories about prostitution in Lahore. These have created a lot of negative reactions against prostitution in Lahore. Some newspapers have even stopped publishing these papers. They have also created a lot of controversy by suggesting that the increasing number of prostitution in Lahore is because of westerners visiting the Indian cities of Mohtam and Beneshah and going back to Pakistan to engage in sexual activity. These statements have made quite a stir among people.

There are people who have raised the questions why such big numbers of women are being prostituted in big cities like Lahore? These questions are being raised not only by the journalists but also by common people who visit these cities on a daily basis. Some of them have even complained to the local police about the prostitution in Lahore and about the prostitution in other cities. The police have always remained firm that prostitution in Pakistan’s cities like Lahore is legal and is practiced in the normal sense of the term.

If we were going to have a survey about how prostitution in Pakistan’s cities like Lahore or Islamabad began then we would come to know that the British officials were responsible for the first phase of this problem. British-controlled Pakistan directly after the end of the partition. These people were very well aware of the demographics of Pakistan and their customs. So, whenever they left the country, they left behind their traditions along with all their ideas including prostitution which was one of the oldest and most widespread human practices in Pakistan. The problem of prostitution in Pakistan has now reached a completely new level, as the number of foreign tourists has increased considerably. Many Pakistani girls are now working as sex workers in different countries like the UK, US, and Australia. Some of them may have come from Lahore fort to earn some money. However, the rising incidents of kidnapping and murder of these sex workers have increased tremendously and the rate of recruitment of brides for these purposes has also shot up. So, at present, we can say that the menace of prostitution in Pakistan has been and will remain as such.